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As of March 15, 2021, people aged 16-64 who have underlying health conditions or disabilities are now eligible to receive vaccines as their conditions put them at the highest risk of becoming very sick from COVID-19.  Click HERE for a listing of conditions from the California Department of Public Health.  

You may also be eligible if, as a result of a developmental or other significant, high-risk disability, one or more of the following criteria applies: 1) A COVID-19 infection is likely to result in severe life-threatening illness or death; 2) acquiring COVID-19 will limit the individual’s ability to receive ongoing care or services vital to their well-being and survival; OR 3) providing adequate and timely COVID care will be particularly challenging as a result of the individual’s disability.

For those who qualify for a COVID-19 vaccine due to a medical condition should note that they will need to provide an identification, proof that they live in the county, and will be asked to state that they have a high-risk medical condition or disability. 


To protect confidentially, they will not be asked to disclose the specific condition, but they must provide documentation/letter from a healthcare provider, a personal physician or an agency providing services or, if not available, the eligible person or their caretaker will be asked to sign an attestation. 


(Source: California Department of Public Health)

Click on the links below for COVID-19 Vaccine appointment:


Los Angeles County                 


Orange County                     


San Diego County                


San Bernardino County          


Ventura County                     

Riverside County                   


Santa Barbara County